Building Partnerships

Over the past 25 years we’ve built, applied and bettered our construction process. We share this knowledge with our future partners because we know it can work for you.

Click on the icons below for detailed information on each phase of the BCI Process.
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Feasibility & Financial Planning

This initial process establishes and confirms everything from the project scope to financing, and includes an overview of environmental elements and the exploration of challenges.

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Comprehensive due diligence is critical to success and involves working with bureaucracies, boards, utilities and others who have authority and jurisdiction over the project, as well coordinating the efforts of engineers and architects.  Proper systemization of this will lead to timely progression.

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Design & Pre-construction

At this point, substantial progress is realized. Final site planning is underway, value engineering is fulfilled, drawings are complete and vendors, and suppliers are assembled.   The overall scope of the project is clearly defined.

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Construction commences once final permitting is complete. During this phase, communication, coordination, and execution are critical to a successful end goal. Detailed financial reporting, project updates and quality control are conveyed during the project life cycle. This ensures comprehensive management of money, time and quality.

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Closeout & Turnover

The project is nearing the end! Time to obtain the certificate of occupancy and provide a smooth transition from construction to operation.

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Exit Strategy

Once the project is complete, we follow through on the intentions for the development. We work with you to facilitate the end goal.

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