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March 7, 2017 admin Comments Off

Construction terms and acronyms get thrown around at the beginning of every new project.  Are you doing site work, groundwork, or a TI?  There are so many moving parts when it comes to building your project.  The question is, what exactly do you need to accomplish in getting your project off the ground?  At Birchmier, we’re a smaller firm who likes to become partners with our commercial customers.  We do well with projects where we get our hands dirty along with the subcontractors.  In doing so, we want you to know the different types of construction projects you are starting.  Get in the know with this guide before meeting with your General Contractor (GC).


Buildings go through so much wear and tear over the years.  Especially in the south where we deal with heat, humidity, and the occasional hurricane.  After a few decades, a commercial building might need a facelift.  That is when you order a Tenant Improvement or TI.  Businesses want to keep their customers happy and comfortable, and that usually means not blasting them with an air conditioning system that belongs in the 1970s.  Some improvements might include replacing ceilings, fire protection, security, wall coverings, and more.  It takes a professional to get into these spaces and turn them around.


Site work is everything but the building and structure itself.  You’ve seen it on the main highways, sidewalks, and around buildings.  A contractor is hired to take care of the aesthetics of your surroundings so that the roads are safer and sidewalks are available in your neighborhood.  Site work can vary from septic and sewer systems to landscaping to ensuring the ground is graded before a structure is set into place.  You might hear the term at the beginning of your construction process because site work will need to be completed to prepare for your structure to be put in place.


This is the most common type of construction.  Ground up means just that, starting your project from a piece of land and building from the ground up.  This is also referred to verticle construction.  Pretty much a building that is built on top of a parcel is considered ground up construction.  So when you’re driving by a restaurant, skyscraper, or your local pawn shop, that building was once built from the ground up.


If you’re building structure is being changed in any way whatsoever, it would be considered an addition if you’re adding a room or office or it could be a renovation if you’re tearing down a wall.  Sometimes you are outgrowing your space, or you purchased a building that needs a few changes, you would call on an expert to make those additions or renovations.  Some examples would be an expansion of your warehouse, or you want to add a retail space to your restaurant.  These kinds of alterations could have a severe effect on the structure of your building.  A GC like Birchmier are the experts, and they will ensure any changes made to your building will be safe and sound.

General contractors come in handy for all kinds of projects.  A little bit of know-how goes a long way but a great partnership with a GC like Birchmier Construction, Inc. will keep your project from being too much to handle.