Building Partnerships


The Birchmier Partnership

Ideas are often conceived one dimensionally but flourish through collaboration.  As an idea forms into a plan, trusted partners are sometimes needed to offer direction and expertise.

At Birchmier, our expertise lies in the ability to understand and manage the fluid environment ever present in construction: we create strong teams of talented people, negotiate advantageous terms for materials and labor and take charge of a long and tedious process – to turn our partners’ plans into properties.

Design Build

On behalf of our partner, we take the lead on both the design and construction of a project, which lowers the owner’s risk.  This allows our partner to gain the immediate input of everyone involved – engineers, architects and construction team members – at the earliest stage of a project.  This parallel coordination of design and construction planning delivers a cost-effective, value-based project.

General Contracting

Upon the completion of the design phase (plans have been drawn and approved) as a full-service general contractor, we join you as your partner to provide the bid to build services, by preparing an overall project cost profile.  This involves negotiating the best labor terms and procuring the best-priced materials through our extensive selection of sub-contractors and suppliers.

Construction Management:

Following a successful negotiated contract or bid process, we work directly with the architect and engineers on behalf of our partner to provide our services either as an agent for the owner (in which the owner holds the all the trade contracts) or on a at-risk basis, in which we guarantee performance standards and deadlines, and keep all trade contracts for our partner.

 Our Values

  • Integrity…In Everything We Do
  • Honesty…In All Interactions
  • Passion…For Our Work, For Detail, And Our Clients
  • Commitment…To Client, Sub-Contractor, Partner, And Employee
  • Collaboration…On Every Phase Of The project
  • Satisfaction…For Everyone Who Comes In Contact With Our Company

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